LBE Luther's World Record Table
54 Custom made levels


FilenameLevel nameKuskiTime
LBE0001I promise I will stop whining AndrY [.lev]36,83LBE0002I hate Gravity but not Interstellar AndrY [.lev]42,85LBE0003Midnight run in the Elma adi [MiE]59,09LBE0004Yesh Flower is Pos roope [MiE]55,21LBE0005Daytime run in the Elma adi [MiE]57,48LBE0006Rumble in the Elma jungle Labs [SPEED]16,68LBE0007Climbing and swinging from Trees roope [MiE]1:08,44LBE0008Elma Wars The Last Kuski roope [MiE]29,48LBE0009One Route to Rule them All Zero [dat]16,51LBE0010Labyrinth Complex System roope [MiE]2:02,62LBE0011If not Hooked at least Addicted roope [MiE]32,33LBE0012Old Waves and lost in the sea roope [MiE]48,10LBE0013Grass like a Green at Augusta adi [MiE]14,04LBE0014Impsybility the Medium Version adi [MiE]1:36,21LBE0015Head without the Banger roope [MiE]1:16,99LBE0016Apple fell and Newton asked Why adi [MiE]1:06,29LBE0017What the Fuck you said easy adi [MiE]31,12LBE0018Visual Basic Hoyla Labs [SPEED]11,94LBE0019Classic Bongo but with High Details roope [MiE]1:16,06LBE0020Too ez for Nekit Spef [dat]23,98LBE0021No Mans is an Island J-sim [EMA]31,25LBE0022Lingonsylt goes with everything roope [MiE]36,06LBE0023Whirlwind used to be a viable skill adi [MiE]46,08LBE0024Before you benchpress 150kg roope [MiE]19,23LBE0025The Fellowship Reunited adi [MiE]30,95LBE0026Blaztek came and saved the day roope [MiE]1:07,64LBE0027Wood Path roope [MiE]20,30LBE0028Starry level adi [MiE]1:02,39LBE0029Farmers it is time to harvest adi [MiE]25,56LBE0030Moonwalking in the ghetto roope [MiE]27,68LBE0031Two steps from flower roope [MiE]14,92LBE0032Hang in High Heels roope [MiE]32,17LBE0033What does the Elephant say adi [MiE]33,86LBE0034Bald guys have no hair anymore talli [MiE]38,03LBE0035Made fast like a b0ngo J-sim [EMA]33,39LBE0036Absolute Despair Madness style adi [MiE]46,64LBE0037The Last Homely House p-skript [TR]22,36LBE0038Lappeenranta is the place to be roope [MiE]38,06